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Layout and Calculation

The following calculation documentation enables the designer to choose the rotary stroke bearing suitable for a given application task.

The calculation of the rotary stroke bearings is generally based on the principles applicable to ball bearings. However, it differs substantially with regard to the movement, as the rotary stroke bearing allows two degrees of freedom, so that the longitudinal dimensions and accelerations must therefore also be taken into consideration. In addition, the internal osculation conditions are significantly different from most other ball bearings.

Possible approach to design a rotary stroke bearing

  • Definition of the movement
  • Should an open or a closed guide bush be used?
  • Description of the load and guiding requirements
  • Consideration of the ambient conditions

The specific load rating C10 is determined by the nominal size dw and the cage type. The lengths of the guide bush and ball cage determine the contact length of the rotary stroke bearing. These values determine the loading capacity of the rotary stroke bearing during operation.

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